Our valued partners, such as The Seattle Aquarium, enthusiastically employ our SPLASHCAM line of underwater cameras to enrich the educational experience for both students and adults. Notably, their six-gill shark research initiative allows for the real-time monitoring of these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat, just off the Seattle waterfront. With live cam feeds displayed on multiple monitors at the surface, viewers gain a rare and captivating insight into the behavior of this elusive species.

We are proud to serve a host of esteemed institutions dedicated to research and education, which includes but is certainly not limited to: the New England Aquarium, University of Washington, California Department of Fish & Game, Aquarium of the Pacific, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Idaho Fish & Game, University of Florida, University of the Virgin Islands, University of California, Davis, Ohio State University, Oregon State University, University of Tennessee, North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island, University of New Haven, University of Hawaii, University of Waikato (New Zealand), and many more.