Types of Underwater Cameras

Not all underwater camera needs are the same – and that’s why we offer a complete range of underwater and harsh environment video cameras to choose from: self-deployed (including high definition),  hull mounted and deck/engine room cameras.

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Underwater Video Cameras: Self-Deployed

Discover more about three types of underwater video cameras: Deep Blue Pro,  Delta Vision Industrial and SideWinder 360.

  • • The Deep Blue Pro is a powerful mini-submersible with a robust time-tested design that’s ideal for professionals and recreational divers.
  • Delta Vision Industrial allows you to get the best possible images with worry-free deployment. This is the most versatile camera.
  • SideWinder 360: This dual-camera system points one camera down while the other pans horizontally, 360 degrees.

HD Underwater Video Cameras: Self Deployed

You’ve got multiple choices of quality HD underwater video cameras: Deep Blue HD, Deep Blue HD TVI and Delta Vision HD underwater cameras.

  • • The Deep Blue HD can provide exceptional video clarity and light sensitivity, full 1080i video of depths of 300 feet below surface.
  • • The Deep Blue HD TVI is a more economical choice that still comes with an extremely rugged design and exceptional video clarity.
  • • The Delta Vision HD offers 1080p HD/30FPS video. And, no matter how harsh the environment, you can count on flawless viewing.

Mounted Through Hull Camera

Our through hull cameras have three different viewing orientations:

  • • 90 degree, perpendicular to the hull
  • • 30 degree sweep view, 30 degrees down from parallel
  • • 45 degree sweep view, 45 degrees down from parallel

Deck / Engine Room Cameras

Choose the deck/engine room cameras from SplashCam!

Choosing SplashCam Underwater Cameras

It’s important to make sure you get exactly the right camera for your needs. Fortunately, besides creating the top-quality products that you need, we also provide outstanding customer service. We don’t want to just sell you a camera. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with you, as we do with countless other clients.

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