industrial and underwater construction viewing cameras

Designed to access confined spaces and narrow inlets, the SPLASH CAM excels in scenarios where precision is paramount. Whether documenting the structural integrity of a dam, identifying potential weak points, or closely monitoring the journey of salmon navigating a fish ladder, the SPLASHCAM line significantly enhances safety and expedites the task at hand.

The significance of underwater construction projects hits close to home, particularly in Seattle, our cherished city.

Here, we witnessed multimillion-dollar efforts to replace the seawall along the waterfront while concurrently constructing a tunnel behind it to modernize an aging highway. The timely and cost-effective execution of these projects was paramount. This is precisely where the utilization of SPLASHCAM underwater video systems proves instrumental in enhancing efficiency.

By employing SPLASH CAM underwater cameras, inspections of existing structures such as locks, dams, and water tanks can be conducted with heightened cost-effectiveness and security.