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Swim with the Turtles – and Record Them with Underwater Video Cameras

Have you ever wanted to go diving with turtles? We recently ran across an article that shared five great locations to scuba dive where you can see turtles. We’ll highlight two of them and encourage you to check the article for the other three locations.

The first was the Hawaiian Islands in the United States. These are remote islands; therefore, cialis a haven for turtles

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. Three species of turtles are native to Hawaii: the green (Honu), the hawksbill (Honu’ea) and the leatherback. Other species (loggerhead and olive ridley) are also sometimes seen there.

The green turtle is seen the most often in the waters surrounding Hawaii, named after the color of their body fat; adult green turtle shells are dark with olive or green flecks. As a full grown adult, this turtle weighs at least 200 pounds. They feed off of limu, the algae growing on coral reefs and rocks, and migrate hundreds of miles to mate every 2-5 years at the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

The rare hawksbill turtle is spotted around select islands where a few females nest and breed. An adult is about three feet long and weighs up to 200 pounds. They dig for food using their long narrow beaks and their diet includes sponges that would be toxic for most other animals. Meanwhile, their meat is poisonous for humans.

The leatherback is the granddaddy turtle of all, growing up to eight feet long and weighing up to 2,000 pounds. They are the only sea turtle without a hard shell. They feed on jellyfish and other invertebrates in deep waters, so are seldom spotted near beaches. Their numbers are increasing thanks to effective protection laws.

Meanwhile, the island of Barbados is another great place to dive and explore, and you may see hawksbill and leatherback turtles there. The Barbados Sea Turtle Project by the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus is focusing on restoring the turtle populations to levels “at which they can fulfil their ecological roles while still providing opportunities for sustainable use by the people of Barbados, and to support similar efforts in other countries of the Caribbean.”

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