Underwater marine cameras provide insights into the past

Underwater Cameras, Including the Marine Video Camera, Transform Archaeology

Scientists, oceanographers and archaeologists can form better theories as they gain more information – and underwater archaeology has progressed significantly now that findings can be recorded by a marine video camera and reviewed in depth.

We recently read an article that summarized ten amazing underwater discoveries. One example includes a 5th century shipwreck (the Hanneke Wrome) just south of Finland’s island of Jussarö, with the ship said to have carried 10,000 gold coins – the equivalent of 50 million pounds in today’s British currency.

Divers were able to see three reasonably well-preserved sections of the ship: the keel, mast and anchor, although the anchor is fragile. Artifacts recovered so far include “a barrel lid, roof tile pieces, and an unidentified lead object.” Any gold? Not yet.

Other artifacts have been recovered from ruins of two Egyptian cities: Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus. These cities literally disappeared after an earthquake triggered a tidal wave, and 40 square miles of these former cities now lie 12 feet below sea level

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. To date, only 2 percent of the submerged cities have been explored. Recovered artifacts have been displayed in Paris, including a “fine sculpture of a pharaoh, a depiction of the god Osiris with golden eyes, ritual ceremonial barges, a black granite carving of a priest’s head, and a ceramic depicting Bes – a god who protected people against evil spirits.”

Even more ancient discoveries have been made. A 15-ton limestone pillar dates back at least 9,300 years, when Stone Age hunter-gatherers walked the earth. The pillar was discovered in the Sicilian Channel between Tunisia and Sicily – 131 feet deep! Seawater covered that area at the end of the most recent Ice Age (approximately 9,350 years ago), and this discovery “may require scholars to rethink the idea of ‘technological primitivism’ among hunter-gatherers, and that ‘The monolith required cutting, extraction, transportation and installation, which undoubtedly reveals important technical skills and great engineering.’”

Read the article for more fascinating discoveries!

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